Albertsons FAQs welcomes Albertsons Couponers of all shapes and sizes- our community doesn’t care if you’re a beginning coupon-er or a seasoned professional like us Albertsons Moms.

Since I’ve started sharing my professional couponing experience and techniques with all my family, friends, and friends of friends, I’m often asked the same Albertsons questions. I thought it would be a great idea to create a little Albertsons FAQ page and continually update it. So, with that said- take a look below and if you don’t see your question, feel free to comment below and I will answer you! There’s no such thing as a silly question, so please, fire away.

You should be able to use the questions and answers below to acclimate yourself with various Albertsons coupon tips, Albertsons Supermarket general info, and other ways to save money at Albertsons with coupons. Remember that poster from grade school that read, “knowledge is power?” …Well, it should have read, “coupon knowledge is power.”

Albertsons FAQ’s and Albertsons Coupon Policy

  1. Question: I want to view the weekly Albertsons Ad online – How Do I do that?
    Answer: Check out this link to go directly to Albertsons Weekly Ad, or check out some of our posts with hand sourced Albertsons Coupons and special savings on the homepage: Albertsons Ad Online
  2. Question Does Albertsons Supermarket always put out store coupons?
    Answer: Yes, they do! You can find Albertsons in-store coupons in the sale ad flyers as well as special booklets found inside of each of your local Albertsons markets (and they may occasionally mail these ads to you).
  3. Question: Am I allowed to combine Albertsons coupons with a manufactures coupon on the same item or during the same purchase?
    Answer: Great question! Yes, you can combine a store coupon and a manufactures coupon on the same item unless one of the coupons explicitly prohibits this in the fine print on either of the two coupons. If you have any specific coupon combining questions please email me or ask me here and I’ll reply!
  4. Question: Where is my Local Albertsons?
    Answer: Great question! You can find your local Albertsons Supermarket by using the Albertsons Store Locator, just enter your zip code, and you’re off to great savings!
  5. Question: What days Does Albertsons run their Sale Ads?
    Answer: Albertsons Runs their Advertised Sales on Wednesday thru Tuesday – did you know that?
  6. Question: I have a problem at my local Albertsons grocery store, how do I contact Albertsons?
    Answer: Well, I certainly hope it’s a small problem, but not everyone’s perfect and sometimes food can go bad for a number of reasons. You can contact Albertsons corporate offices in one of three different ways. By email, by using a telephone at 1-877-932-7948 or you can even use snail-mail: Attn: Customer Service; 157 S. Howard St.; Spokane, WA 99201
  7. Question: Does Albertsons accept coupons?
    Answer: Yes, they do! Albertsons Even prints their own coupons which can be found on the homepage of this website. Check out my posts to learn more about how to save, how to double Albertsons coupons, and other great info on saving money at Albertsons.
  8. Question: Do I need to have an Albertsons Shopping Card or Albertsons Account to get a discount?
    Answer: Yes, an Albertsons Preferred Card is needed to get the advertised sale price that is shown in the Albertsons weekly ad special. If you do not already have a Preferred Card you can sign up for one in your local Albertsons market or apply online for your free savings card.
  9. Question: Outside of getting the advertised sale prices, are there any other benefits of having a Preferred Card?
    Answer: Yes, you can connect your Preferred Card (Albertsons Card) to a UPromiseaccount- this is a great way to start saving money for college and you should get the family to start doing it too, it’s FREE MONEY. Also, you should know that having a Preferred Card additionally signs you up to receive money saving offers, discounts, and coupons that can be sent to you by email and possibly even by postal mail.
  10. Question: Do Albertsons Supermarkets Double Coupons?
    Answer: Yes, on occasion Albertsons will issue 2 clip-able double coupons in a special sale advertisement mail out promotional materials via the postal service. These special Albertsons double coupons ( commonly called “Double the Value” coupons) are usually dated to run for a duration of 14 days starting on a Wednesday and ending on a Tuesday at 12AM midnight. The Albertsons double coupons are most likely limited to ONE COUPON PER CUSTOMER, PER TRANSACTION (I suggest you read the Albertsons coupon booklet itself as it will occasionally state that you may use two double coupons per transaction instead of the usual one). For more in depth information I suggest that you read the thread on Albertsons Official Coupon Policy or if you have any specific questions you can post them here and I will do my best to answer them quickly.
  11. Question: Does Albertsons price-match other stores sale ads?
    Answer: No, Albertsons does not price match other stores’ sale advertisements.
  12. Question: Does Albertsons accept expired coupons?
    No Albertsons does not accept expired coupons.
  13. Question: Does Albertsons accept competitor store coupons?
    Answer: No they do not. However, at one point in time but have since revised this in the Albertsons Coupon Policy.
  14. Question: Does Albertsons accept printable coupons?
    Answer: Yes, Albertsons accepts printable coupons which must scan at checkout. The coupons must have serial numbers which follow an industry-standard coupon format. These coupons must clearly indicate that they’re manufacturer coupons and that they have a valid manufacture address which is usually printed coupon. Albertsons does not accept printable coupons that are a FREE product without a required purchase (BOGO coupons are fine). Albertsons does not allow coupons with redemption values that exceed $5.00 per coupon, this applies to printable coupons only.
  15. Question: Does Albertsons accept coupons for clearance items?
    Answer: Yes. Your local Albertsons will accept coupons for the product price only on clearance items.
  16. Question: Does Albertsons run Catalina Coupon deals and promotions?
    Yes they do! You can find current Albertsons Catalina deals that are posted on my homepage – we also love to have users submit coupons to us.
  17. Question: Is there a limit on how many coupons I can use at one time?
    Answer: For regular manufactures coupons there are no limits on how many coupons a customer can use at one time in one fabulous shopping trip. You can use one manufacturers coupon for each item or set of item (per the terms on the coupon) you are purchasing. However, when Albertsons is running their Double the Value coupon promotions you are limited to using one Double the Value coupon per transaction and/or shopping order.
  18. Question: Does Albertsons have eCoupons or Digital Coupons that I can upload to my Preferred Savings card?
    Answer: No, at this time Albertsons does not have any digital coupons but a source close to me says they’re working on this and it should be ready soon. We’ll keep you up-to-date.
  19. Question: I’ve noticed that Albertsons does a lot of 10 for $10.00 sales, do I have to buy all 10 to get that price?
    Answer: No you do not have to buy all 10 to get each item at $1.00. Each item is just a $1.00 unless otherwise stated in the ad.
  20. Question: I went to my local Albertsons and something I wanted to purchase on sale was out of stock- is it possible to get a rain check?
    Answer: Yes you can get a rain-check on any sale item even if it’s out of stock. All you have to do is ask your cashier or visit the customer service desk. You should know that all Albertsons rain checks expire 30-days from the date they were issued.
  21. Question: Can I use two coupons on a buy one get one free (BOGO) sale?
    Answer: Yes you can, you can use two manufacturer coupons on a BOGO sale.
  22. Question: Does Albertsons accept food stamps?
    Answer: Yes, they do. Please see your states food stamp guidelines for details about what can and cannot be purchased using food stamps.
  23. Question: Does Albertsons accept WIC?
    Answer: Yes, Albertsons accepts WIC which stands for Women, Infants & Children. See your state’s WIC guidelines for specifics and more information.
  24. Question: What are Albertsons in-store brands?
    : Albertsons delicious in-store brands are:

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